Medication Management: Part 3

Transmission phase, is the second phase of the medication management process. The transmission phase could also include the dispensing phase. I believe they both fit well together because they eventually cause the same error. Other than the problem of illegible handwriting, there is no interoperability between the clinic’s system and the pharmacy system. Therefore, the pharmacist is forced to enter the data manually that are prone to errors. Additionally, according to Redwood’s study, incorrect medication could be dispensed due to unforeseen alters that cause interruption of workflow and distractions.

Finally, the third phase of the management process, administration, is very crucial. Patients tend to miss a dose, take an incorrect dose or take the medication in incorrect times. The former reasons resulted in 60 percent error rate according to previous research. Consequently, there is little awareness and adherence to the recommended dose regimens. Nonetheless, there are no reporting systems for patients to report any adverse events which might cause complications and further worsen diseases.

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