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Blood Donation Gap and Pharmacists’ Role

It is important that people donate blood regularly, not only to save others’ lives, but also for their own health. Blood donations are particularly urgent for people who suffer from medical conditions or experience big incidences that make them in need for blood transfusions, such as those that have leukemia, aplastic anemia, or have been …

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Standards and Interoperability: Part 2

Canada Infoway is one of the big health informatics mover in Canada. They have a set of interoperability solutions for developers to enhance electronic health records (EHR) and user interfaces to improve sending and receiving standard-bases interoperability messages.(1) Very briefly, they are as follows:

Message Builder: allows developers to concentrate on business obstacles in integrating …

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Medication Management: Part 4

The medication management model needs some adjustments and modifications. As we saw that the system is not perfect and research shows that unintended consequences occur in the system. I have been exposed to a standalone e-prescribing system, and I believe errors occurred from the time the physician had to choose drugs from a down-drop menu …

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Medication Management: Part 3

Transmission phase, is the second phase of the medication management process. The transmission phase could also include the dispensing phase. I believe they both fit well together because they eventually cause the same error. Other than the problem of illegible handwriting, there is no interoperability between the clinic’s system …

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Medication Management: Part 2

Medication management process consists of five stages; prescribing, transmitting or transcribing, dispensing, administration and monitoring. I believe unintended consequences could occur anywhere in the process at any phase. However, after looking into the literature, I would agree that the most common phases where unintended consequences occur are prescribing, dispensing …

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