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Emergency Room Data Using SQL

The ER is always a hot topic because of how busy it gets and not enough staff to serve incoming patients in a timely manner. With the data we have, we will look at emergency room throughout or length of stay. This will help us understand the status of patient access, patient volume and health system support.

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Data Visualization in Healthcare

Our health care industry is flooded with data and it keeps on adding with the advancement in industry. With so much information gathered most of it gets unnoticed. Health care professionals need relevant data more quickly which helps the health care professional in day to day decision making. Be it evidence base practice, patient history or a similar past case health care professional need it ASAP.

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Transition of Hospitals and Pharmacies to CPOE

With the advancement in health care systems, the world is shifting towards better, faster and sustainable technologies. Health care systems are inclined towards a decrease in mortality rate, numerous errors have been reported by health care professionals in past due to misdiagnoses or by prescribing wrong medications. Of course, physicians/prescribers are human, and errors can be made when they must go through multiple steps for patients, including:
• Prescribe
• Transcribe
• Administer
• Monitor

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